Some Rainbow Family Gatherers still remain at Indian Creek site, Forest Service says closure order remains in effect

While the 2024 Rainbow Family Gathering haw moved to alternative location in the Plumas National Forest, Hilary Markin said the road and area closure at the Indian Creek site remain in place.

“For operational and safety reasons, we are delaying any site visits,” not permitted under the closure order, Markin said.

Markin said, “There are individuals still up there in the area, and our law enforcement officers are aware of that, and we are assessing the situation on a daily basis on the folks who are still remaining on the site.”

Markin previously estimated about 80 gatherers remained on the Indian Creek stie.

“We had resource advisors on the ground yesterday, and there still remains quite a bit of material from the original site,” Markin said. “That site’s considered an active investigation, so we’re trying to protect that site as an active investigation location for the safety of all and for the protection of tribal and cultural resources — our concerns of why we put the closure order in place. That order remains in place.”

According to a June 29 statement from PNF, “We continue to evaluate the area closure daily,” said said Plumas National Forest Supervisor Chris Carlton. “Most of the individuals have left the site, and for those few remaining, the Forest Service has offered additional time to remove their belongings.”

According to the PNF statement, the unauthorized noncommercial group use within the Indian Creek headwaters area did impact natural and cultural resources and other authorized uses.

“The Forest Service will work with local tribes, resource staff, affected stakeholders and the community to assess and restore the damage that occurred,” Carlton said.