Speaker McCarthy’s first big test 

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement:

“This is Kevin McCarthy’s first real test as Speaker. McCarthy was elected Speaker based on the agreement he made with his conference for the rules governing the House. In many ways, these rules merely roll back changes by Nancy Pelosi that made the House autocratic and undemocratic. A simple example is the increased ability for members to offer amendments on the House floor, separate from leadership approval.

“Failure for any House GOP member to vote for Speaker McCarthy’s rules would undermine his capacity to perform his duties as Speaker of the House and effectively disenfranchise 54 million Americans who voted for a Republicans. Americans for Limited Government strongly urges every member of the House Republican conference to vote in favor of the McCarthy-negotiated House rules package. Failure to vote for the McCarthy rules package would destroy McCarthy’s ability lead in the future — and he knows it.”