Stay at home order still in place; Plumas County plans for phase 1 re-opening

Plumas County Public Health acknowledges the dedication and sacrifice of the residents who have followed the governor’s executive order urging all Californians to stay at home while planning for the future, according to a Sunday, April 26 statement from public information officer Lori Beatley.

“Following this order has made a tremendous difference: together we have bent the curve, we have successfully protected our most vulnerable populations, and we have preserved our local healthcare system. For these accomplishments, the citizens of Plumas County are to be commended,” she wrote.

According to the statement, Public Health recognizes “these accomplishments have not come without a price. It has been a long road since the order was signed on March 19. The local economy has been hit hard and stress on our community is palpable. But to let our guard down now would be a big mistake. We cannot risk undoing all the great work that we have accomplished. Our communities are still at risk. Our county is close to areas that have not yet seen steady declines in COVID-19 cases. Social mixing allows this disease to spread and most people who get sick have little to no symptoms. The disease can then be easily passed to those at highest risk, resulting in serious health complications or death. Public Health urges you to continue following the stay at home order until it is officially lifted. For the sake of Plumas County’s health, social distancing orders must be followed and only essential businesses are currently allowed to be open.

Beatley wrote, “We are eager for the governor’s order to be relaxed so that people can go back to work. To make sure we can reopen as soon as it is safe and legal to do so, Plumas County has developed the following plan:

1) Strict social distancing, face coverings and handwashing will continue to be critical to our success. This new normal is our collective responsibility.

2) The county will begin engaging with businesses having the ability to socially distance and minimize contact between employees, and between employees and the public. Businesses must have a plan for safe operation in place before opening. These plans will include six feet of social distancing and no close personal contact. We will assist these businesses in developing their plans for safe operation. It is critical that re-opened businesses are prepared before the order is lifted.

3) Everyone needs to do their part. We hope to gain voluntary cooperation, however law enforcement partners stand ready to ensure compliance for the safety of all.”

Plumas County Public Health thanks residents for their patience as it plans an organized and safe re-opening for Plumas County.