Stop the invasion of our nation

If President Biden could announce on Nov. 1, 2024 that all student debt is forgiven, he would do so. That would surely be a way to get a few more votes. If you have a $100,000 student loan, then you have a heavy burden of paying back that loan. To suddenly have the debt cleared would be a marvelous feeling.

Would this make you feel like Biden is a great president? Would this boost your confidence in his ability to lead our nation? Or, would you see such an act as a last-ditch effort to do whatever it takes to stay in the oval office for four more years?

Thousands of Americans have carried the weight of student loans for years. Thousands have paid back the loans. Loans are never fun to pay back. Car payments, house payments and credit card debt are tough to carry for years and years.  Is it fair that many Americans have paid off student debt but suddenly thousands of Americans could have a large portion of their debt wiped away? It doesn’t seem fair. Is it good for America? Many more Americans need to borrow money for college. Paying back student loans is one way to keep money circulating back into the government coffers.

What if someone paid back 75 percent of their loan in 10 years then the other 25 percent would be forgiven? What about a 2 or 3 percent interest rate on student loans? What if people went to community colleges their first two years? There has to be a better way than just waving the magic wand and clearing debt to boost popularity.

Interest rates are going to come down between now and Nov. 1. A 30-year mortgage by Nov. 1 will be closer to 6 percent. The stock market is roaring. If you have some money in stock then you have to be enjoying the increase. What goes up always comes down some, eventually. Don’t look for it to go down much between now and Nov. 1.

The one thing President Biden doesn’t seem to want to do is stop the invasion of America.

The invasion of America continues. Allowing up to 8, 500 illegals per day is not a fix. Outlaw gangs have taken over parts of South America in Columbia and Venezuela and parts of central America. Gangs have taken over Haiti. The cartel seems to roam freely in Mexico. These outlaws are coming into America. Violence, stealing, and killing are all they know. They will fight with and kill police officers, assault and murder women, steal from you, and terrorize our communities. Most of our small American counties are understaffed to protect our citizens from gangs armed with semi-automatic weapons.

The invasion must be stopped today. Border states deserve all the help the federal government can give in securing the borders immediately instead of making it difficult on the states.

Soon there will be so many illegals from China and throughout the world in our country that we will not have enough police or military to protect ourselves. We see this happening before our very eyes.

The issues of student loans, interest rates, gasoline prices, inflation, and much more impact our lives significantly. Nothing is impacting our nation like the invasion.

Please Mr. President and Congress — stop the invasion of our nation.