Lassen County Supervisor Jason Ingram hopes to inform students about the great career opportunities right here in Lassen County.

Supervisor Ingram launches inaugural Career Opportunities Workshop for local students

As soon as they graduate from high school, many local youngsters adopt getting out of Susanville and Lassen County and moving out into the wide world and the big city their first order of business.

Jason Ingram, Lassen County’s District 5 supervisor hopes to change that by offering a Career Opportunities Workshop to as many as 500 9th through 12 graders from across the county June 1 at Jensen Hall.

According to Ingram more than 25 state, federal and local governmental agencies and businesses have agreed to participate in what he hopes will become an annual event designed to let local kids know about the many great jobs and career opportunities available right here in the hometown.

“I’m not trying to focus on summer hires or beginner jobs,” Ingram said, “I want them to know the career opportunities that are out there — something with a retirement … It’s important that our youth get involved. Twenty years ago, people would have fought for these jobs, but now we can’t fill them. If our local youth get these jobs here, stay here, buy a house here, start a family here and contribute to the economy here, it’s a win-win-win.”

Ingram said the event should include three or four 90 minute or two-hour sessions for groups of 100 to 150 students. He said the students who have to travel the farthest will meet in the earlier rounds so they can get back home in time for school to get out.

According to Ingram the city and the county have open positions they can’t fill because they can’t attract qualified candidates to Lassen County. For example, he said the county public works department is about 20 percent understaffed.

Ingram acknowledged others have told him about how so many students want to leave town as soon as they graduate, and he encouraged them to go out and experience the world.

But he said this event is designed to make the students aware of the career opportunities available right here in Lassen County.

“That’s my goal,” Ingram said.