Supervisors host evening public hearing on commercial cannabis

Lassen County District 2 Supervisor Gary Bridges wants to hear what his constituents and the residents of Lassen County have to say about commercial cannabis at a public hearing at 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 24 at Jensen Hall.

Lassen County’s Board of Supervisors hold an evening public hearing on commercial cannabis activities in the county’s jurisdiction at 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 24, at Jensen Hall at the Lassen County Fairgrounds in order to allow members of the public who work during the day to offer comment to the board.

According to the agenda item, posted by Maurice Anderson, director of the county’s building department, the board and the public will discuss a proposed amendment to Title 18 (zoning) of the Lassen County Code “to allow up to five use permit applications to allow indoor commercial cannabis cultivation in buildings not to exceed 22,000 square feet in industrial zoning districts.

District 2 Lassen County Supervisor Gary Bridges requested the unusual evening meeting so the supervisors can hear what county residents have to say about commercial cannabis.

Bridges said he looked up the records, and in his district constituents approved Proposition 64 in 2016 — the Control Regulate and Tax the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. According to, Prop 64 permits adults 21 years of age and over to possess and grow specified amounts of marijuana for recreational use.

Bridges said it’s time to finally resolve the cannabis question. After talking to county department heads, he estimates the county has spent an average of $100,000 per year for the past seven years working on this matter.

“Every time you think it’s done, it keeps coming back,” Bridges said.