Supes hear somber cash flow warning

While the Lassen County Supervisors were updated on the mid year budget being where it should, the members also received a somber warning regarding the county’s cash flow position.

During the Tuesday, Feb. 13 board meeting, Julie Morgan, county administrative officer assistant, gave a presentation to the board on the mid year budget.

“Revenues and expenditures are what we planned,” said Morgan. “We take a lot of time putting together a budget, and it’s a good plan. But it is a fluid document.”

Morgan explained some of the general fund revenues.

With about 59 percent of the fiscal year completed, 46 percent of budgeted revenues have come in, 55 percent for public safety and 57 percent of the revenues for probation have come in.

The 46 percent for the general fund was due in part to the federal payment in lieu of taxes, which are expected in June. With those funds included, the mid year budgeted revenue is at 57 percent.

For expenditures, the general fund spent about 52 percent, and public safety and probation spending about 56 and 50 percent, respectively.

“We’re running right along where we should be,” said Morgan.

However, while the budget is on track now, Lassen County Treasurer Tax Collector Nancy Cardenas shared a warning to the board regarding the present cash flow situation.

“It’s like we’re a paycheck to paycheck county,” Cardenas told the board. “If something doesn’t come in to the general fund we have an issue.”

She continued the county needed to watch revenues that are coming in, even though the county is not in control of the funds they are waiting for.

“What I’m looking at cash, is not making me comfortable. It’s making me wonder how we’re going to meet our obligations in general fund,” Cardenas said.

Board Chairman Chris Gallagher noted the importance of the potential sales tax issue.

“People don’t realize a lot of times that’s where we are,” said Gallagher.

The board received the mid year budget review, but did not take any action on the matter.

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  • The root problem with modern government is its near universal penchant towards acquiring and spending all the money its clever politicians and bureaucrats can dream up. That is backwards to what they should be doing which is to figure out how to reduce the tax load on the People and do as little as is reasonably necessary. This should be the defining difference between government and business…because government has law making and taxing authority and can force its will on the People. The People as a result of this upsidedown mentality have become servants to government rather than its master. Pushback will come…but at what price?

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