Supes support joint-use OHV designation for ‘The Strand’

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Resolution No. 24-016 in support of permanently designating a portion of “The Strand” in Spalding as a joint-use off-highway vehicle use roadway.

According to the staff report, the Susanville Area Office of the Highway Patrol said the California CHP commissioner had reviewed and verbally approved the county’s request to designate 1.5 miles of “The Stand” from the marina parking lot to the southern end of the road for OHV use. The commissioner is expected to memorialize his approval in writing on or around May 2.

The OHV speed limit on “The Strand” will be 15 miles per hour and the project is exempt from a California Environmental Quality Act review.

District 1 Supervisor Chris Gallagher praised the work of staff, especially Tony Shaw, assistant county administrator, on completing this project.

“This was a lot of work to get done for this very minor thing,” Gallagher said, “and it seems crazy that counties have to go through this for their own roads. I found out cities don’t have to do the same thing, but counties have to do it.”

The county’s planning department approved the concept last week. The designation is important for a May 4 event planned in Spalding.

According to Gallagher, the hardest thing will be getting OHV users to comply with the 15-mile-per hour speed limit.

“I’ve never seen people drive 15-miles-per-hour on The Strand,” he said.

District 3 Supervisor Tom Neely also thanked county staff and the CHP for their work on this item. He said he planned to participate in the event.

Information/consent calendar
The board unanimously approved a number of items on the consent calendar and pulled for items for separate consideration.

The approved items include District 1 Supervisor Gary Bridges’ discretionary fund requests of $500 to the Susanville Indian Rancheria Powwow, $250 to Lassen Family Services and $250 to Lassen Land Trails and Trust; Gallagher’s discretionary fund request of $200 to Westwood Little League; District 4 Supervisor Aaron Albaugh’s discretionary fund request of $500 to the Big Valley Recreation District; Prison Trial Cost Reimbursement; approval of the minutes from the March 26 and April 9 meetings; an agreement between the county and the Willow Glen Care Center; a copier lease agreement with Leaf Capital Funding, LLC; a Letter of Understanding between the county and the Lassen County Transportation Commission for a Caltrans Sustainable Communities Comprehensive Grant; a discretionary fund request by District 3 Supervisor Tom Neely to designate $1,000 to the American Legion Post No. 162; and receive miscellaneous correspondence items.

The items pulled for the consent calendar included an agreement between the county and Sail House; a lease agreement for copiers between the county and Leaf Capital Funding, LLC; a renewal of the county security software; and a long-term agreement between the county and Scouts BSA for use of the Veterans Memorial Hall. These items all passed unanimously.

The supes also approved a proclamation of Foster Youth Month; appointed Kari Dowell to the Lassen County Waterworks District 1 position; approved a work and financial plan with the United States Department of Agriculture and Plant Health Inspection Services

Gallagher voted nay on an ordinance consolidating the office of the auditor/controller/treasurer/tax collector. All the other supervisors vote aye.

Albaugh recused himself during a discussion of a lease agreement of a lease agreement between the county and Kramer Ranch, LLC regarding 1616 Chestnut St. That item passed 4-0.