Supes table public advisory vote on commercial cannabis

Lassen County votes may still have an opportunity to vote on the commercial cannabis activities in the county, but the Lassen County Board of Supervisors tabled the matter until a later date at today’s supervisor’s meeting.

The board has until August to place the advisory measure on the November 8, ballot.

While some in attendance wanted a binding yes or no vote on the issue, Richard Egan, Lassen County’s administrative officer, said it’s important how the question is wordedHe said the proposed advisory only measure would leave any future board free to make its own decision.

Amy Holley said the newly elected board members won’t have an opportunity to digest the decision, and she wondered how much water would such legal cannabis grows consume during a drought year. She called the measure “an attempt to trick the voters into thinking their voices are being heard. Don’t place this on the ballot.”

Leanne Vanderly, an opponent of commercial cannabis in the city, said instead of allowing marijuana in the county, she would be “proud to see Lassen County drug free. That’s something to leave to our grandchildren. I don’t know why you don’t throw this whole thing out.”

Tom Neely said the advisory measure was wrong and the vote should be “yes, we want marijuana or no do we don’t.”

Egan said there seems to be some confusion between legal and illegal activities, and Supervisor Aaron Albaugh asked for the matter to be tabled until there was a full board to take up the issue. The board approved his request by a 4-0 vote.