Survey says California women are among those with the highest dating standards

Apparently, today’s dating scene demands men to come equipped with the trifecta: 6 feet tall, six-pack abs, and six-figure salaries.

And if you’re packing an Ivy League degree, a trust fund and a summer house, you might just be the Prince Charming ambitious single women are dreaming of. surveyed 3,000 single women to find out where standards are highest and lowest across the country when it comes to dating. The survey’s findings have real-world implications —  with policymakers losing sleep over dwindling populations and their economic repercussions, the science of singles matching has never been more crucial and is a topic of national importance.

The survey asked respondents whether they would consider dating men earning less than six figures or those (according to the eye of the beholder) deemed below average in terms of attractiveness. On average, 17 percent of women nationwide said they would not entertain such prospects.

Notably, women from California have among the highest dating standards when it comes to looks and money — 37 percent of women here said they would only be prepared to date guys with huge salaries and model (or part-time model) looks.

The survey also revealed significant regional variations. In New York, home to the financial hub of Wall Street, a whopping 41 percent of women here will only date guys with substantial incomes and good looks.

Conversely, in Alaska, just 5 percent of women hold such high standards, indicating a more inclusive approach to potential partners.

Delving deeper into the data, the survey uncovered that, despite the demanding standards in some of the more extreme locations such as New York and California, the majority of women hold more attainable expectations.

Encouragingly, 86 percent of respondents stated they would date a man who rents rather than owns a home. However, this figure could be misleading, considering the high cost of renting in cities like New York, which often necessitates a significant income.

The numbers shift when it comes to vehicle ownership. Only 59 percent of women would date a man who doesn’t own a car. The prospect of dating someone still living with their parents is even less appealing, with 64 percent of women ruling it out, presumably because of a lack of privacy.

On a more positive note, the survey found that 80 percent of women are open to dating a man without a college degree, and 85 percent would consider someone in a non-traditional job, such as an artist or gig economy worker.

Cultural experiences appear to be less of a priority, with 85 percent of women indicating they wouldn’t mind if their partner had never traveled beyond their home state.

Finally, the survey asked California women to rank the attributes they find most attractive in a man. The results were as follows: 1. A great personality. 2. A substantial salary. 3. Good looks. 4. Living in an expensive property. 5. Having their own Wikipedia page. 6. Ownership of a private plane.

“While financial and physical attributes hold significant sway in today’s dating scene, a great personality remains paramount for the majority of single women, according to our survey,” said Amber Brooks, Chief Editor of

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