Josh Peret holds Makenzie Peret up to the window of a plane on display at a past Susanville Air Fair event. File photo

Susanville Air Fair takes off Saturday

Susanville’s Air Fair will be held on Saturday, Aug.18 at Susanville Municipal Airport. Festivities begin at 7 a.m. and will be winding down around noon.

The Experimental Aircraft Association will offer a pancake breakfast with proceeds going toward Young Eagle scholarships.

Breakfast will be followed by a morning of aircrafts on display, demonstrations and radio-controlled aircraft performances.

The Air Fair has been held annually for more than 20 years thanks to the efforts of the EAA and the airport manager (currently Steve Datema) and is intended to stimulate interest in aviation and provide a close-up look at a variety of aircraft.

Aviation offers great career opportunities for individuals. Training is often obtainable locally and/or regionally and sometimes is even subsidized through the airlines.

The upcoming air fair is an optimum opportunity to introduce youth who might consider a career in aviation.

Airplane Owners and Pilots Association magazine predicts that nearly 30,000 pilots will retire from airlines over the next decade.

Additionally, a recent study from the University of North Dakota, estimates there will be a shortage of more than 14,000 pilots by 2026.

Currently, there is already a shortage of female pilots in this business.

According to an Air&Space Smithsonian article, 6.61 percent of U.S. pilots are women but in all actuality the number is even lower when you consider that a mere 4.21 percent have an “other than student” pilot certificate.

Female pilots interviewed indicated that their epiphany moment about aviation was experienced between the ages of 5 and 10.

This year’s air fair presents an excellent opportunity for young people to embrace their own dream of flying among the clouds.

To obtain more information or learn about the EAA’s Young Eagles program, call Rich Hrezo at 249-3063.