Seth Mallory sprints for first during the first Susanville All-Stars game of the tournament Wednesday, June 27. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Susanville Majors start strong at All-Stars Tournament

The Susanville Majors All-Stars opened the California District 48 Little League 10-12 All-Stars Tournament with a solid win against Feather River Wednesday, June 27.

Susanville started with a strong lead and kept their grip on it until the end, thus ending the game with the 6-1 win.

Susanville had their first run in the second inning with Nash Osborn crossing the base.

Tucker Schall keeps his eyes peeled while diving for a ball hit to the outfield during the Susanville All-Star game Wednesday, June 27. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Inning three then saw Reese Chappuis hit a home run to bring Susanville up to two runs. By that time, Feather River had managed one run of their own, so the score was 2-1 in favor of the home team by the start of the fourth inning.

In the fourth, Osborn managed to cross home plate yet again, this time with thanks to Jay McKernan, who batted him in.

Inning five saw quite a bit of action from the home team as Chappius started off with a triple to cause the crowd to go wild.

Then, with Peyton Garate at bat, Chappius managed to steal home on a wild pitch.

Garate then followed with a single and Matthew Battey stepped up to the plate to do the same.

The next Susanville Major at bat hit a strong one, but the ball was ultimately caught in the outfield. However, since the ball was caught so far away from the diamond, both Garate and Battey took the opportunity to steal.

Unfortunately, a third out was called before either Garate or Battey could make it home, but the effort was still commendable.

In the sixth inning, Jack Wright started the Susanville offense off right with a double.

Then, McKernan hit a triple to bring Jack Wright in and cause quite the cheerful commotion from the Susanville section of the stands.

Zayn Wright then hit a sacrifice to bring McKernan in, and after a single from Tucker Schall, the third out was called.

An unsuccessful bottom of the sixth inning for the Feather River team resulted in the game being called with a score of 6-1 favoring the Susanville team.

With the win, Susanville moved on to round two of the tournament played on Thursday, June 28.

The tournament, held at Pat Murphy Baseball Field in Susanville, hosted Modoc, Lake Almanor, Feather River and, of course, Susanville. It began on June 27 and continued through Sunday, July 1.