Nov. 2, 2011 • Susanville Repertoire Company presents ‘Highstrung’

The Susanville Repertoire’s Company’s upcoming production will transport audiences back to the days when mortals feared the monsters of the night. Only one man dared to stand between the human race and those dark forces. Unfortunately, that man – Van Highstrung – suffered from a slight emotional disorder.

Who will stop Count Dracula, played by Jason Wheeler, his temptress wife, Vampira, played by Christal Wheeler, and their spoiled son, Drac Jr, played by Tim Flinn?

See the production at the Susanville Elks Lodge Friday, Nov. 12 and Saturday, Nov. 13 to find out if a slight case of nerves will keep our hero, played by Nathaniel Read, from saving the damsel in distress, played by Janey Warren.

Highstrung not only has to battle the seduction and terror of the evil Count Dracula, played by Jason Wheeler, he must also fight Dracula’s sexy wife, played by Christal Wheeler, and their spoiled son, Drac Jr., played by Tim Flinn.

Added complications include the amorous interest of the heroine’s sister, played by Sara Gomez, and the protective instincts of the girls’ father, played by Michael Warren. Mix in the heroic pretension of a famed European soldier, played by Seanne McElrath, and monstrous intervention by Denise Miller, Linda Braun and Sean Gill, and comedy and mayhem may rule the day.

The production is narrated and directed by Shayla Ashmore, with help from Christal Miller, assistant director, Sandy Jonas on sound effects and Geoff Pregill and crew on lights.

The show starts at 7 p.m. at the Susanville Elks Lodge and the no-host bar opens at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 and available at Margie’s Book Nook and Robbins House of Furniture.