Thank you Mama’s

I would publicly like to take this time to acknowledge Lea proprietor of Mamas’ Pregnancy Care center located in Susanville for her courage and tireless commitment to saving babies’ lives every step of the way. Before, during and after. In a sense she is a modern-day mid-wife.

She is able to see past the doom and gloom of “unwanted babies.” Her perseverance is to the likes of which I rarely encounter. She does not stand down and rarely stumbles. She is precise and professional.

A young teenage girl should not fear the prospect of carrying a full -term baby and keeping it. Termination of such a gift, with very few exceptions, will always stay with you no matter what the circumstance and justification may be and what veterans of abortion may proclaim.

Shaming a young pregnant girl can be as old as the stars. Madonna’s song, “papa don’t preach I am keeping my baby” makes a valid point. Despite statistics, “abortion on demand” is not fervently in demand as we are led to believe.

It’s hard to look down and see a positive on your pregnancy test when you are not even close to wanting a living, breathing, little human in your life. That’s where the disparity and utter fear blasts in and causes your world to literally turn upside down.

Life was never meant to be easy for the unborn and living. Young and old.

Mamas’ is a safe place to go and get help. It’s truly amazing the devotion, passion and empathy a young girl or a mother with several mouths to feed already, will receive.

They will get the help they need because deep down inside something is happening. Something that gets your full attention. Something that will change your life because isn’t that what it’s all about. The unexpected, the tears of joy and the ups and downs.

My oldest son who is no longer with me was a challenge from the minute he started moving in my belly and for the following 33 years, his life was hells’ kitchen. But in the very end the last thing he said to me was, “I love you.” It didn’t erase the constant strife but what it did do was connect me with the plight of women around the world who have gone through the same thing I did — losing a part of yourself.

Thank you Mama’s for your presence in our community and your contribution to the wellbeing of all the children; young, middle age and adult.

Jacqui Henry