In heat one of the hobby stocks Darren Ballentine in the No. 2x takes the lead from points leader Jacob Hutson coming around for the start of the final lap Satuday, June 8.

The chase heats up at Diamond Mountain Speedway

Diamond Mountain speedway roared to life Saturday, June 8 to an exuberant crowd and booming engines.

The Mini stocks points lead is still held by Cody Kennemore holding the top spot at 193 points. In second but drawing ever closer is Larry Whitebird, only five points back at 188 points.

Billy Gibson coming in at 144 points knocked Bion Barr out of the third place position down to fifth in points behind fourth place Johnny Moya.

Holding ever firm in points for hobby stocks is Jacob Hutson with the huge lead of 192; Steve Gordon brought it back jumping into second place in points with 120. Rick Higby was relegated back into third still at 112 points.

The sports modified class is heating up as Craig Nieman and Richard Longacre are now tied for first in points both sitting at 193, Shayna Nieman is in the second place position with 179 and Nathan Howard in the third place spot at 175 points.

Similarly to the sports modified category ,the IMCA modified class has a tie for first between Chris Nieman and Larry McCracken both with 181 points. Wade Kennemore is following in second place one point behind the two leads at 180 points, while Nevin Kennemore lags only few points in third at 175.

The results for the races in each of their respective categories are as follows.

Mini stocks
1. Nick Boucher, No. 29N. 2. Whitebird, No. 57. 3. Moya, No. 74. 4. Gibson, No. 121. 5. Randy Black, No. 17. 6. Suzi Schmitt, No. 29. 7. Kennemore, No. 5.0.

Hobby stocks
1. Gordon, No. 7s. 2. Colton Lawson, No. 32. 3. Hutson, No. 44. 4. Doug Weeks, No. 09. 5. David Woods, No 42. 6. Darren Ballentine, No. 2X. 7. Connor Mcmillan, No 04. 8. Steve Buhr, No. 77.

Sport modifieds
1. Nieman, No. 7N. 2. Longacre, No. 07. 3. Jimmy Ray Huffmon, No. 27H. 4. Jason Emmot, No. 9. 5. Howard, No. 81. 6. Joe Marlow, No. 00. 7. Colton Chew, No. 9x. 8. Ryan Svensson, No. 51. 9. Nieman, No. 7z. 10. Ray Talavera Jr, No. 23R. 11. Mike Nichols, No. 55.

1. McCracken, No. 06. 2. Steve Boucher, No. 177. 3. Ron Brown, No. 88RC/X. 4. Joe Wood, No. 3A. 5. Kennemore, No. 23K. 6. Galen Hainline, No. 11G. 7. Tyler Patzke, No. 9P. 8. Dave Sciarroni, No. S25. 9. Matt Murphy, No. 48DJ. 10. Kennemore, No. 24k. 11. Nieman, No. 3.
Things are only going to heat up from here at the speedway with the next scheduled race for Friday, June 28, and following that the Fourth of July race, Thursday, July 4.