Tractor Supply thief rips off Lassen Humane Society donation boxes

Correction: There were only two Lassen Humane Society boxes vandalized at Tractor Supply. Lassen News lassennews regrets the error

Are some thieves worse than others? Who knows how low one can go?

Here the Lassen Humane Society donation boxes broken into last Friday at Tractor Supply on Main Street.

Kenneth Bunch, president of the Lassen Humane Society, reported a man took two donation boxes from cashier stations, took them into the store and broke them open with a store tool about 6:15 p.m. Friday, Jan. 19. As these were collections of donations from customers, Bunch did not report the amount of money stolen during the heist, but he did say he filed a police report.

Acting Susanville Police Chief Mike Bollinger said the Tractor Supply store on Main Street has provided investigators with store videos of the incident, and the investigation into the theft continues.

Anyone with any information about this theft is encouraged to call the Susanville Police Department at (530) 257-5603.