Tuesday, March 30, 2010 • Dogtag comedians light up the armory

Publisher’s note: This story originally appeared in the Tuesday, March 30, 2010 edition of the Lassen County Times.

Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night again, the standup comics from Dogtag Entertainment decided to put on another show in Susanville.

Sean Gill joined the Dogtag comics KC Stilwell, Kris Phillips and Patrick Shillito for an 18–and-over evening of adult fun and comedy at the National Guard Armory on Saturday, March 20.

Shillito mercifully kept the F-bombs, other profanities and vulgarities to a minimum during his 20-minute set before an audience of about 80 who rolled into the armory located on the Lassen County Fairgrounds for an evening of x-rated laughs.

But before we go any further, let’s be clear about one thing — had the F-bombs, bad words and usually–questionable–in–mixed-company topics and perceptions Gill, Stilwell and Phillips launched into the willing audience been incendiary devices instead of jokes and puns, all of Susanville would still be burning out of control with no containment in sight. In fact, all of Lassen County might be threatened. Heck, they might have lit up the whole stinking North State.

But then again, that was the idea, wasn’t it?

Stilwell even asked if there was anyone under 18 in the armory before he began his portion of the show because he wanted to make absolutely sure he could have his way with the audience without any legal ramifications, bragging the adult-only requirement was strictly because of him and his raunchy, off-color material.

While the evening was advertised as an adult-only show from day one, in reality the language and content were no worse than might be seen and heard during a cable network television presentation or on a comedy club stage anywhere in America where such devolved, degenerate dispositions are frequently allowed. In fact, the funny boys soon may even be headed for an open-mic night at a comedy club in Reno.

But let me tell you, everyone who attended was prepared for a little naughty frocking in the dimly lit basement, so to speak. No one was offended, so it was all good. Why, one group of middle-aged women sitting near me stage right had such a great time they almost upstaged the comics. If giggles were wiggles they could have bounced right out their clothing.

Truth be told, the audience hooted, hollered and howled with gut-busting laughter all night long at some of the most absurdly ridiculous situations and the most twisted personal perspectives imaginable that can’t possibly be repeated in a community newspaper such as the Lassen County Times. I don’t think they’d even pass muster in a sophisticated, big city newspaper like the Sacramento Bee either. Some words, thoughts and visuals are just better left reverberating around in the audience’s malignant and now mutated memories than to be put down in writing for all posterity to see. I think I need a big dose of antioxidants!

Master of Ceremonies Tyson Schroeder opened the show with an allegedly true but off-color story about a recent trip to Chico — something about a couple of girls with questionable morals and a man with a foreign accent.

Gill opened the show to great effect, although I doubt his mother would be very happy about all the touching moments of their mother-son rivalry he so honestly revealed. And here’s a tip her offered for you. The best thing to say to a woman when she’s angry, according to Gill, is “You’re starting to look fat!”

Shillito followed Gill (after being presented with his own personal dogtag) and recounted many of his more humorous experiences as a writer for a local newspaper. The highlight of his performance was his impression of actor Christopher Walken telling his favorite joke about a whale going into a bar and having to interact with the bartender. Like whales can talk, oooh, oooh, oooh. And who could forget his recounting of the Police Beat in the newspaper.

Stilwell seemed to focus on the mangled relationships he’s had with the women in his life, and the only question I have is who really got the ugly end of a really gnarly stick — the women involved with him or Stilwell himself? I haven’t been able to make my mind up about that one yet. I’m not sure I want to put any more effort into trying to figure it out.

Phillips closed the show and focused on his relationships with his fellow family members. Frankly, if I were one of them, I’d start claiming I’d been adopted.

The only thing I can say in closing (I’m trying) is if you’re into this sort of thing, you don’t want to miss the next Dogtag Entertainment show.

If you’re not into this sort of thing, when these young men hit the stage again, you might consider gathering up the wife and the kids and taking an extended vacation in Red Bluff before your hair catches fire.