Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016 • Grizzlies feast on Central Valley Falcons

The Lassen High Grizzlies are not easily confused with pigeons, but apparently the Central Valley Falcons had trouble differentiating the two during the conference game on Friday, Nov. 5.

Lassen won the away game with a final score of 44-22. The win marked the sixth straight win accomplished by the Grizzlies throughout the 2016 season.

Central Valley initiated the game with a kickoff to Lassen. Giving Lassen possession was the last thing the Falcons could have done, but there’s hardly anything that can stand in the way of a Lassen football player and the target end zone.

Hunter St. Andre surprised no one with a 20-yard touchdown with 10 minutes remaining in the first quarter. St. Andre was the first of the Grizzlies to issue a warning to the Falcons. Unfortunately, the Falcons did not heed the alarm. Instead, they fed the Grizzlies’ fury.

A Falcon 2-yard rushing touchdown was completed with 6 minutes on the clock

While Grizzlies are not known to play with their food, they decided to give it a go. With 4 minutes left of the first quarter, Lassen decided to let Central Valley slip in another rushing touchdown. With a good PAT marking it 14 points for the Falcons, one Grizzly was ready to feast.

Watching the Falcons attempt to attack their Grizzly prey was not only heartbreaking, but also pathetic.

With two minutes left in the first quarter, Colby Harris scored a 10-yard rushing touchdown. Harris was far from finished with his Falcon meal, however. He then followed up with a successful 2-point conversion.

The Grizzlies reeled in Harris upon the end of the first quarter. A 14-14 tie had put the Falcons exactly where the Grizzlies wanted them. Apparently, playing with their food was more appealing than they had once believed.

The Falcons swooped in with another touchdown three minutes into the second quarter. They then followed up with a 2-point conversion after a successful pass. The score stood at 22-14.

With 22 points, the Falcons had become perfectly plump with a winner’s ego. It was finally time to let Harris take over.

With f4 minutes remaining in the half, Harris scored a 6-yard rushing touchdown. He then tore through Falcon defense to rush a 2-point conversion.

The 22-22 tie left the birds worse for wear, but the Grizzlies weren’t finished watching the feathers fly.

St. Andre re-introduced himself with less than a minute to go of the first half. A 6-yard rushing touchdown by St. Andre put the Grizzlies ahead 28-22.

Of course, this was not enough for Harris. A 2-point conversion was successfully completed by Harris upon the post-goal whistle. Halftime was called with 30-22 with the Grizzlies shining on the Falcons’ board.

The Falcons made the grave mistake of believing they were at the advantage after the Lassen kickoff that started the second half.

Within the first minute of the half, the Grizzlies scored another rushing touchdown and followed with a successful 3-point rush conversion. The final 6 points were gained by the Grizzlies via a rushing touchdown with 8 minutes remaining of the third quarter.

Lucky for the Falcons, the Grizzlies were full, the feast had finished.

Doubling the score of the Falcons satisfied the Grizzlies, and thus, with full bellies and the win, they happily returned home to nap before the home playoff game held Thursday, Nov. 10.