Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010 Editorial • There has to be a solution beneath all that jargon

A crowd of experts confused local resdients interested in the water level at Eagle Lake.

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors did a very nice thing by holding a public study session at Jensen Hall for everyone in the community concerned about the dwindling water levels at Eagle Lake. The board brought an elite panel of experts from various agencies and fields to come and present a myriad of information to the gathered masses.

The only thing is — aside from a few concerned community members who had done some of their own research and had their own concerns, the information seemed to go over the collective heads of many at the meeting.

While much of the information presented was factual and understandable to the other experts at the study session, the average person attending may not have wanted to take a crash course in hydrology or the specifics of evapotranspiration.

They wanted to know, in layman’s terms, what, if anything, can be done by them to help save the lake. They wanted to know what is being done by the authorities to curb the loss of this natural resource. Basically, they wanted to know, will there be a lake to fish in if this keeps up?

The session may have been designed to gather and hear as much information as possible, but why bother inviting the public if everything being discussed is incomprehensible to the majority of the average folk at the meeting?

The point is — while it’s always a good idea to invite people to informative meetings where a topic as hot as Eagle Lake’s water levels is being discussed, the last thing the concerned citizens want is to leave the meeting scratching their heads with more questions than when they first walked in.