Two sentenced in connection to Roop Street assault

Jack Lee Judlin, 33, and Antonio Haven Judlin, 19, both of Susanville, pled guilty and were sentenced for their respective roles in an assault that occurred on or about Oct. 21,  at a Roop Street apartment complex, which resulted in a 24-year old male suffering multiple stab wounds, according to a Thursday statement from the Lassen County District Attorney’s Office.

According to the few witness statements on scene and testimony provided at the evidentiary hearing held on Dec. 18,  the 24 year old man had initially been physically assaulted by Jack Judlin and, during the course of that assault, was stabbed by Antonio Judlin approximately nine times.

Jack Judlin

At his arraignment on Jan. 13,  Jack Judlin entered a guilty plea to a separate, unrelated incident of felony domestic violence with a prior conviction, agreeing to the maximum term of five years, as well as a plea to the felony assault, for an additional one year for a total of six years, state prison. He was sentenced the same day, the statement continued.

Felony DV with a prior is punishable by two, four, or five years. Felony assault is punished by two, three, or four years, but under California sentencing law, absent specific circumstances not applicable in this case, the court can only impose 1/3 of the middle term (which is 1 year), in addition to the sentence imposed on any other felony. In this scenario, six years is the maximum term of confinement provided by law, the district attorney’s office wrote.

Antonio Judlin also entered a guilty plea on Jan. 13,  to assault with a deadly weapon and admitted a sentencing enhancement for the infliction of great bodily injury, the statement read. His plea was “open” which means there was no agreed upon or stipulated sentenced between the parties and the matter was referred to the Lassen County Probation Department for a report and recommendation, pursuant to statute. His range of sentencing was a total of five to seven years.

Antonio Judlin

At sentencing on March 9, both the District Attorney and the Probation Department asked the court to impose the maximum of seven years. The defense asked for the low term of five years. The court, after considering several sentencing factors and noting the arguments from all parties, imposed the middle term of three years for the assault, plus the maximum of three years for the infliction of great bodily injury, for a total of six years, to be served in state prison. This is a “strike” conviction and a violent felony, subjecting Antonio Judlin to a 15 percent credit limitation, the statement concluded.