A fire in adjacent trailer got "sucked" through the windows of this trailer next door, displacing a Susanville family. Photos submitted

Update on Tuesday’s mobile home fire: Second trailer burned, family asks for community’s help

A second mobile home was destroyed in Tuesday’s mobile home fire, displacing a family that asks for the community’s support.

Family friend Emma Lewis set up a gofundme account (gofundme.com/f/52323-puite-house-fire-in-susanville-california) and wrote on Facebook, “Kevin and Nikki my dear friends have lost their home due to a structure fire today at their home in Susanville. They have two boys who lost their rooms and all their things. Unfortunately, they didn’t have insurance, so they have lost not only their home but all their belongings, clothes and everything. Lets’ rally together and help this family get back on their feet. Any money raised goes directly to them. They will need funds for hotel stay until they can figure out a new living situation. Please donate. Every dollar counts, and I know the family would appreciate any help given.”

Homeowners board up the windows of their trailer after a fire swept through Tuesday.

“My family and I lost our home last night in a fire,” Nicole Bradley wrote Lassen News. “The house next door caught fire and came through my son’s room. My son lost everything he has. Our home is unfortunately a total loss. My children are deeply traumatized, and this is going to be a long hard road ahead of us, but we are resilient, and we can and will make it through this. I humbly come before all of you and ask:  First, if anyone has a three-bedroom rental and will allow pets, please, please reach out. I have any and all deposits, good credit and income. Second, if anyone can donate clothing to my 13-year-old son, I’d greatly appreciate it. He is my big boy football player kid who wears a size 2XL in men’s or 3XL, if possible, in shirts and 2XL in shorts and sweats and a size 12 shoe. Third, if you can help in anyway I would greatly appreciate it.

“Anything helps. This feels like a bad dream that we can’t wake up from. If you can donate anything, I will be so very appreciative. Even prayer. Thank you so much. Love, Kevin Bradley, Nikki, Nicholas (5), and Bubba (13). My 72-year-old mother Cheryl was also in the home at the time visiting. I appreciate you and our community for all your support.”

First-person account
Nicole Bradley shared her experience with Lassen News. She said her next door neighbor was gone when she heard an explosion. She said she thought the neighbor was in the trailer, but there was no way her husband could get inside due to the flames. Thankfully the neighbor appeared a few minutes later.

She said immediately after the explosion, a neighbor across the street yelled, “Fire! Fire! Fire!” and within seconds she was able to get her kids, her dog and her elderly mom out of her trailer. She left the door open, and she said she knew her cats would find their own way out.

“I’m thankful no one passed away, and I’m thankful to have life today,” Bradley said. “My son’s room is a complete loss. He lost everything.”

She said the fire sucked through her son’s window and the living room window and set the curtains on fire, and she was surprised by how quickly the fire spread.

“You think you have time,” she said, “but you don’t.”

“The firefighters were so amazing,” she said. “They were there so fast. I didn’t think to call 911, but my 13-year-old son who lost his room was so calm about the whole situation. He called 911 while everyone else around him was screaming and crying. I’m really proud of him.”

 “Everyone here is amazing,” she said. “I can’t thank the community enough for all the support.

A young boy’s possessions are piled outside after a Tuesday trailer fire in Susanville.

Original story
According to a statement from the Susanville Fire Department, firefighters responded to a fully involved mobile home fire about 12:52 p.m. Tuesday, May 23.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed the mobile home to be fully involved and beginning to catch another mobile home on fire. Engine C-601 assumed Incident Command. Engine E-621 arrived on scene and started fire suppression efforts. Paiute IC identified the fire had extended into the vegetation and requested wildland resources. After the fire was extinguished, units started the salvage and overhaul process.

A fire cause and origin investigation was conducted following the salvage and overhaul of the damaged structure. The fire originated in the living room area, and the cause was determined to be electrical in nature.

One firefighter sustained a minor arm injury during overhaul operations, and there were no civilian injuries. The SFD was supported by CalFire, Lassen National Forest, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Susan River Fire Protection District, Janesville Fire Protection District, Susanville Police Department, Susanville Public Works and Lassen Municipal Utility District.