Visiting the southern border

Every state in our country has been negatively impacted by the Biden Administration’s open border policies. Last week, I traveled to Cochise County, Arizona, with the Congressional Western Caucus and the Committee on Natural Resources to tour the Southern Border, discuss President Biden’s border policies, and the consequences of these policies on our Federal border lands. This wasn’t my first trip to the border, but every visit, I am appalled to see the large swathes of land unprotected and the trash and waste scattered across the crossing paths. This time felt different, however, because now Biden’s border crisis is being felt throughout the nation, with even sanctuary haven New York City finally calling for the Administration to address the issue. President Biden needs to visit the border in earnest and see this chaos for himself.

While we were in Arizona, my colleague, Representative Tom Tiffany, and I decided to follow up on the story James O’Keefe exposed that alleged the Casa Alitas Ramada Hotel in Tucson was housing illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense.

Congress has the right to exercise oversight, as federal-funds prop up the NGOs that are secretly housing these illegals, and making big money doing so. Congress has a right to see how American taxpayer dollars are being spent. Instead, we were denied access to even the parking lot, given no information, and they called the sheriff’s office on us. Congress must investigate and have these NGOs publicly testify about how our tax dollars are a strong incentive to move illegals in and spread them into towns all over our country How our tax dollars being used, and exactly what for are perfectly in the purview of Congress, not having law enforcement be called on us for asking those questions.

Facts about Biden’s border crisis
Fiscal Year 2024 has reached 1 million illegal immigrant encounters in the shortest amount of time ever.

Since President Biden took office there have been over 8.3 million illegal crossings nationwide, with more than 7 million crossings of those crossings occurring at the southern border.

There have been 1.7 million known “gotaways” who have successfully evaded U.S. border Patrol agents and have broken into our country.

December 2023 was the 34th straight month where illegal immigrant encounters have been higher than the highest month seen under President Trump.

House Republicans have published a report of findings of 64 instances of the Biden Administration undermining border security and encouraging illegal immigration.

Last spring, we passed H.R. 2 through the House to change asylum and parole rules, build the wall and stop illegal immigration.  It dealt with the real problems, unlike the Senate Democrat/ Biden plan that lets millions more illegal aliens cross every year and expedites work permits and an ability to stay for longer, making the crisis worse and rewarding bad behavior. We need the Senate to take up H.R. 2 and pass real positive solutions instead of incentivizing more illegal immigration.