Voters make it clear that access to abortion is an economic issue 

“There can be no question that abortion was on the ballot this midterm election,” said Jocelyn Frye, President, National Partnership for Women and Families. “Last night, we witnessed major victories for women and all those who respect liberty, as voters in Michigan, California and Vermont enacted ballot measures that will enshrine the right to an abortion into their state constitutions. In Kentucky, voters have also rejected an anti-abortion ballot initiative, while Montana voters appear to be poised to do the same — proving that there is broad, bipartisan public consensus against extreme abortion bans and restrictions.

“Voters across the country raised their voices and declared that access to abortion is inextricably linked with our overall quality of life. In this sense, not only was abortion on the ballot. The values of freedom and respect for the autonomy and dignity of all people were on the ballot as well. And the results were clear, unequivocal, and resounding.”

“Yesterday’s results confirm what the National Partnership has said all along. A clear majority of voters believe that access to abortion is a fundamental right. Voters also rejected the false narrative that too often treats women and the issues they care about as separate from the economy — or that the goals to grow our economy and strengthen women’s economic stability are in conflict with each other. We have long said that women, who are the majority voting bloc and a major driver of our economy, do not live their lives in silos. They do not see their economic security as separate from their ability to control their reproductive health.

“The overwhelming voter support for the right to make decisions about our own bodies is heartening and a testament to the commitment and determination of the activists and everyday people who worked tirelessly to make these victories possible.

“Now, the work continues. Moving forward, our organization will continue to work with partners and people across the country to keep fighting for abortion access and reproductive rights, as well as equity in the workplace, paid family and medical leave, an improved health care system, and the economic security of all families. We are committed to working with all lawmakers who stand with women and families to help achieve this vision.”