Waiver of the maximum entry age for correctional officer at federal prisons

The Department of Justice’s Policy Statement 1200.07, Exceptions to the Maximum Entry Age and Mandatory Retirement Age for Law Enforcement Officers, delegates from the Assistant Attorney General for Administration to the Heads of Components the authority to make exceptions to the maximum entry age of LEOs up to the date preceding an individual’s 40th birthday.

During the opening period of the 2024 Correctional Officer standing inventory announcement, Oct. 1, to Sept. 30, 2024, non-veteran preference eligible qualified applicants who haven’t reached their 40th birthday will be eligible for certification and employment consideration. This temporary change will also permit consideration of correctional officer non-veteran preference eligible qualified applicants at select locations with direct hiring authority.

This exception will expire Sept. 30, 2024; therefore, all applicants must enter on duty before Sept. 30, 2024.

A career with the Federal Bureau of Prisons offers job security, 401k with 5 percent matching, and law enforcement retirement in 20-25 years, along with many other benefits.

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