Water Commission virtual meeting explores the range of projects funded through Department of Water Resources Grant Programs — July agenda also includes a State Water Project briefing, an overview of flood advocacy in the Central Valley and a Water Storage Investment Program update

The July meeting of the California Water Commission will feature an overview of the major grant programs funded through the Department of Water Resources Division of Regional Assistance. The meeting in Sacramento is open to the public to attend in person or virtually and will also be live streamed online.

California Water Commission meeting
When: 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 17.
Where: California Natural Resources Building, First Floor Auditorium, 715 P Street, Sacramento, 95814.
Info: (916) 873-5774 or cwc.ca.gov

The meeting will be live streamed at water-ca.com/. To comment remotely, Zoom login information can be found on the public participation guide.

DWR provides grants to communities across California, starting more than two decades ago to support integrated watershed management activities that address water supply reliability, flood risk, and environmental stewardship. DRA supports the state’s water resources at the local level through technical and financial assistance, data collection and dissemination, resources evaluation, and coordination. The July 17 presentation will highlight DWR’s major grant programs and the range of projects funded to foster sustainable water resources management. The presentation will also explain how DWR can build on these accomplishments based on lessons learned to inform future policy, legislation, and funding decisions.

Also on the Commission’s agenda is the third State Water Project briefing of 2024, an overview of federal advocacy efforts for flood risk reduction projects in the Central Valley, and an update on the progress of projects in the Water Storage Investment Program. The complete agenda for the July 17, 2024, meeting can be found here.

About the California Water Commission
The nine-member California Water Commission uses its public forum to explore water management issues from multiple perspectives and to formulate recommendations to advise the director of the California Department of Water Resources, and as appropriate, the California Natural Resources Agency, the Governor and the California State Legislature on ways to improve water planning and management in response to California’s changing hydrology. For more information regarding the California Water Commission, visit cwc.ca.gov.

For more information, call Paul Cambra at (916) 873-5774 or email paul.cambra@cwc.ca.gov.