‘We look back at what we now realize was gaslighting,’ says Tammy Bruce

The Associated Press described former President Donald Trump’s outcome in the Iowa caucuses earlier this month as “a record-setting win … a victory that affirmed his grip on the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.”

All the more reason for the “Bidenites” to double-down on their efforts to renew Joe Biden’s lease on the White House. As Tammy Bruce, a Fox News contributor and an AMAC news line columnist, put it in an interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on her Better For America podcast: “Americans traditionally want justice, we want bad guys dealt with, but we don’t like unfairness.”

Meanwhile, she said, the anti-Trump elements are sending “a message to the average person, and this has been the point all along, that if you support, if you engage with, if you join with, if you assist, if you get on a campaign, if you are a lawyer and represent him, we will destroy your lives. We’re going to call you MAGA white extremist … everyone who gave Donald Trump a platform or anyone who, even if you never shook his hand or went to an event or a rally, if you just tweeted him and said good work, suddenly you’re in the purview of the federal government.”

Bruce said that Americans are a trusting people and “we don’t expect to be lied to by people like the director of the FBI. We just don’t expect that.

So, when these things were happening, Americans were overwhelmed. The problem now for them is that we know we were lied to. We see the condition of the country. The biggest issue now is how have these people affected our daily lives. [We have] a horrible economy [and] they tell you lies about what’s going on with the economy. So, the things that affect your life on a day-to-day basis — heating oil for the house, natural gas, gasoline, of course, food for the table, lunch boxes — are driving American budgets into the stratosphere. So every day we’re aware of it and every day they tell us lies. We look back at what we now realize was gaslighting. It was making you not believe your lying eyes. And so they think they can do it again.”

She went on to say that “the establishment and the Democrats, and sometimes the Republicans, are so disconnected from the American people, they really don’t understand that we have lives and that we are watching them, [and having] this conversation. Millions of people who might view this and be quiet and maybe don’t engage, but they’re making up their minds, and that’s what they don’t like. They want people to be afraid. They want people to not vote. They want people to be too afraid to go outside. It’s about how they can manipulate the system so that it works to their benefit and control people so that the voting dynamic moves in their direction. They did not expect Trump. No one. I don’t know who else could have withstood what the government has done. And yet there he is. I think that also impresses the American people. They see politicians all the time who back down. And with Donald Trump, not only is he not backing down, he seems to be thriving again. And he is still focused, and he’s delivered on the things that matter to us. If Joe Biden turned around and the economy was great and the border got closed, he could be fine. It’s what Americans want. When we hire someone to do a job, we don’t expect them to punch us in the face.”

In conclusion, Bruce said that “Donald Trump’s win in Iowa is not a surprise. He will be the nominee. I have liked his energy when he’s been doing the interviews, and when he’s with a rally or a group of people. He’s clear. But more than that he’s enjoying himself. I saw this in the first time around. This is a man who’s enjoying it and that comes from confidence. And, I would argue, from love. Remember those giant rallies 2015 and 16? He met the American people everywhere. And I saw a change in him in his conversations, at the rallies, in his interviews, in his nature of beyond the policy issues, but about how these things affect people as individuals. And I think he fell in love with the country and he appreciated us how we appreciated him. So I think that there is something that other politicians don’t have. They have ambition. They have intelligence. Some, not all. They have a goal. And they’re maybe really focused on policy, and that’s important. Loving this country means that you have to love her people. And I see that in no one else at this point other than Donald Trump.”