Cecilia Allin, third from right, a teacher at Westwood High, teaches students to make piecrust during Hobby Day. Photos by Susan Cort Johnson

Westwood students participate in Hobby Day

Students at Westwood Jr/Sr High School took a break from classes Friday, Nov. 22 to explore a few activities that could become a hobby, something “done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”

Teachers provided opportunities for students to explore a variety of options.

Robert Baehler shares his knowledge of tying flies with Scott Kirby and Julian Carrillo on Hobby Day at Westwood Jr/Sr High School.

Those in junior high learned to bake with Josie Gibbs preparing a batch of chocolate chip pumpkin cookies; played sports with Jon Foy, such as basketball; and created handmade candles with Louise Biggs. They rotated through each activity.

High school students selected one activity from the options offered by their teachers. Cecilia Allin held a baking class at Blue Ox Coffee where students made pumpkin pies and cinnamon rolls. Malinda Duerksen took a group fishing at Canyon Dam on Lake Almanor. Cassie Anderson provided wood rounds to build a wreath with a multitude of accessories for decoration, such as pine cones and ribbon. Also she had materials available for string art. Robert Baehler, the football coach, taught students the art of tying flies for fishing.

Before students broke into groups to learn their chosen hobby, they gathered together to consider what they had to be thankful for with an activity called the Thankful Tree.