What’s happening on our southern border is ‘not a crisis, it’s an invasion,’ says Senator Roger Marshall

Senator Dr. Roger Marshall says that what’s happening at the Mexican border is not a crisis, it’s an invasion, and “the only thing we can do about it is to elect a new president. There are not enough laws in this land that would make Joe Biden secure the border.”

In a recent interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on her Better For America podcast, he said “if he wanted to secure the border, he could have done it yesterday, last year or three years ago. So, what we have to do is to get somebody different in the White House.  It is that simple.”

In fact, according to the senator, Joe Biden “broke the law.”  The law says that if you are going to release illegal migrants, “you should be paroling them one person at a time. He’s paroling them by the tens of thousands” and so far, he’s paroled some two million illegals.

 In addition, according to the House GOP, the Biden Administration “flew some 310,000 illegals into the country on secret flights in an effort to decrease the numbers of illegal migrant encounters at the southern border.”

In a recent Fox News report, Marshall declared, “Joe Biden has the power to secure our borders; instead, he has chosen to break the law, resulting in the worst border crisis in history. I do not know how Joe Biden sleeps at night knowing terrorists, CCP nationals, cartels, and worse are living here in the interior of our country.”

In his Better For America, he said that his resolution to declare an invasion at the southern border aims to reaffirm state sovereignty, and “their constitutional rights to protect themselves. Some 10 million people have crossed our border illegally.  That sounds like an invasion to me and that empowers governors to do whatever they can to secure their borders, as opposed to the fights that we’ve seen between Joe Biden and Texas. Can you believe we’re sitting here and having this discussion?  I can’t believe that I have to fight for Texas to be allowed to defend itself.  If Joe Biden won’t do it, for crying out loud, let the Texans defend themselves.”

However, he added, “the Democrats and Joe Biden want these 10 million people crossing the border so that they’ll vote for their party in the future … everybody should be concerned because it’s already happening.  There are statewide efforts, community wide efforts in blue states where they are trying to make sure that these illegals get to vote.”

It’s an issue that needs attention across the board, Marshall said. “We need to stand up at every level, at the local level, all the way up to the federal level.  I think it’s great that you’re reaching out to your congress members and your senators.  But I think it’s equally important that you reach out to your state officers, your state representatives, your state senators, the governor, the secretary of state.  All those people need to understand that you need to be a United States citizen to vote in American elections. It’s that simple. The Constitution tells us the time, the manner and the place of elections shall be controlled at the state level.  So, I think it’s just all the more important that you reach out to local officials and that you don’t let them tell you, it’s just a citywide election or it’s just a county wide election. It’s a very slippery slope once you see that happening.  So yes, everyone should be very concerned.”