What’s up in Hollywood?

How does Hollywood expect to gain the affection of people working hard to save democracy in America? Simple, it doesn’t. The film industry started its spectacular rise by slashing at democracy’s jugular and is now feeding on the rotting carcass.

An example is the portrayal of women. TV and movies insist upon portraying women as superior to men in all aspects of personal performance: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, you name it. At the same time, the industry portrays women as glorying in the worst sins of men in order to get to this greatness. How is this not a dishonest road to an anti-ethical future? How does this not make a sham of real feminism and real gender equality?

Why aren’t women protesting this craziness? For the same reason men didn’t protest their long-term hegemony over women. Brutality is fun and addictive. Besides, it pays well for its champions, including producers, directors and actors. And it strokes the emotional dark corners of ladies who watch the shows.

Kimball Shinkoskey 
Woods Cross, Utah