Why I continue to march

There are so many aspects to the pro-life stance.  Number one is the conviction that unborn babies are people.  Yes, they are living, developing humans; too early to have oxygen in their lungs to proclaim their identity to the world … human.

Each person who reads this; at one point in their life, was an embryo, fetus and then newborn person.

Those in the right-to-death camp demand to exercise their self-proclaimed “right” to kill.  They are caught up in their own “self,” not recognizing the unborn baby as a beautiful gift to humanity.

There really isn’t a “right” given by God or anyone else, to kill another person based on residence.  In abortion, the tiniest human person is silently sucked away into oblivion, never to enjoy life as a baby, young girl or woman — merely because she resided for a short time in her mother’s womb.  Given the duration of the pregnancy, usually, the baby would come to full term and be lovingly placed in caring arms.

Women are created to nurture their offspring; not extinguish them in the name of  “choice” — I choose to kill my innocent, defenseless, growing unborn child.

Abortion is the number one cause of death worldwide.

I march year after year on behalf of the voiceless innocents.

I will continue to march as I see:

  1. Reports of 64.5 million American babies dead since 1973, including 900,400 just last year.
  2. New laws sanctioning infanticide; up to 28 days after birth.
  3. Baby parts sold.
  4. Abortionists encouraging women to carry longer, in order to harvest larger organs to sell.
  5. No physician oversight for youngsters taking the mail order abortion pills Abortion used as birth control, with some women obtaining as many as three per year. 99.7 percent of all abortions are performed for convenience.
  6. Girls, women and men suffering psychologically from the abortion aftermath.
  7. Girls and women maimed, scarred, or rendered sterile by the procedure.
  8. Childless couples longing to adopt a baby, aching with empty arms.
  9. Violence against Crisis Pregnancy Centers, whose sole goal is to offer free help.
  10. Pro-Life medical staff forced to participate in abortion against their religious and moral convictions.
  11. The questionable drug, “Mifepristone” is issued by mail-order to those who do not know how far along they are in their pregnancy.
  12. Complications from at-home abortions include unmonitored ectopic pregnancies, non-fatal complications and death. Abortion-related emergency room visits after taking the abortion drug- increased by 500 percent in the last decade.
  13. Abortion data from seven states show 34 babies were born alive after botched abortions between 2020-2022. Most were labeled “previable” and left to die. (The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act has been blocked dozens of times.
  14. Too many cases of unreported sexual child abuse go hidden when the abortion pill can be secretly procured and all of the evidence washed away, (the baby).

On Jan. 19, Lassen News printed a statement released by Rise Up For Abortion Rights believing that they had a fundamental, constitutional right to abortion, which has been brutally stripped away.  They claim that they are now full of grief, rage, reflection and action.  They claim to be “forced into motherhood; which is a female enslavement; and have become second-class citizens.”

It is interesting to note that while they may abort their helpless child they then parade around as first-class citizens. I would love to see each baby conceived be given the right to be a welcomed citizen. Many thousands across America share my convictions.  On a daily basis our mission is to offer help and hope to those in despair.  We cannot offer the willful destruction of innocent human life.  We regard human life as a gift.

There are twice as many pregnancy resource centers as abortion facilities.  We are ever ready to offer free pregnancy testing, counseling, and hope.  We offer every baby item needed for the first year and beyond if necessary.

Abortionists offer bloodshed and despair in the name of choice.

I wonder if those demanding the right to kill their unborn children feel like satisfied first-class citizens when they’ve put their blood money on the table.  Mass murder isn’t good for any society.  We have cheapened human life.