Sophomore Danny Spinuzza sprints down court after a failed shot by the American River College team. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Winter cold is catching up to the Cougars

With the official Lassen College basketball conference beginning in January 2017, the men’s team has been playing games nearly nonstop to prepare.

However, as November took its leave to welcome December, the Cougars seemed to kiss their game-day rhythm goodbye.

From mid- to late-November, the Cougars had been winning their games will overwhelming scores such as 103-90 against Las Positas and 83-61 against Allan Hancock.

The Cougars played their third December game on Tuesday, Dec. 6 against the American River College Beavers.

While the game looked promising initially with loads of spirit flowing throughout the stands, the Beavers ended up with the win 83-77.

The first half of the game dangled a carrot in front of the Cougars as both teams fought nonstop and exchanged the leading scores continuously. The half was called with 37-36 on the board, favoring the Beavers.

The Cougars were warmed up for the second half, but unfortunately, so were the Beavers.

Lassen was able to add 41 points to their score from their hard work in the second half, thus the Cougars totaled out with 77 points on the board.

American River was able to gain 46 points throughout the second half, however, so their total tally grew to 83 points.

Thus, the Beavers left the game with the gold, leaving the Cougars frustrated.

Prior to the American River game, the Cougars traveled to the Cabrillo Classic from Friday, Dec. 2 to Saturday, Dec. 3. During the tournament, Lassen faced De Anza College and the hosting team, the Cabrillo Seahawks.

The Dec. 2 game against De Anza was the latest win for the Cougars, but the close score of 82-74 was clearly a slippery slope for Lassen.

The Cougars were up by five come halftime. Both teams in the second half to result in an 82-74 win for Lassen then more than doubled the 38-33 score.

On Dec. 3, the Cougars took on Cabrillo and ended up breaking their five-game winning streak with a final score of 69-49 in the Seahawks’ favor.

The Cabrillo game was arguably won via the home advantage, but the 20-point difference in the final score raises eyebrows toward the speculation.

The first half of the game was called with a 13-point difference resulting in 36-23 shone on the board, favoring the home team.

During the second half, Lassen gained 26 points, but Cabrillo gained 33 to counter. Thus, the game was called with 69-49 on the board.

While the loss from the Dec. 6 American River game was not as overwhelming as that of the Dec. 3 Cabrillo game, the two-game losing streak isn’t flattering for the Cougars.

Luckily, it seems that the Cougars are doing their best to address their cold feet prior to the beginning of conference.

Once the commitment of conference has begun, Lassen fans are expecting to be reintroduced to a team ready to win.

Regardless as to the effect cold weather has on the Cougars, many still don orange and black in support of their mighty Cougar men’s basketball team.

The results of the Saturday, Dec. 10 game against Chabot College will be published in the Tuesday, Dec. 19 issue.