Woman says her grandmother remains missing

Two Lassen County friends, Shirlee Weaver, 83, and Candy Sturgill, 75, went missing in late October. The women were last seen Oct. 25 leaving the Litchfield area with a destination of Wendel.

Washoe County personnel joined Lassen County in searching for the women.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office reported that hunters found the remains of Weaver on Nov. 10 in the passenger seat of a Toyota RAV4 near Mixie Flat Road in Western Nevada.

Sturgill was not there, and as of today, Dec. 4, her granddaughter, Samantha Cordova, says her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Cordova said that she calls officials, but they have not found her. “They say they’re still searching,” she said. Cordova arrived in Northern California/Nevada when the women initially went missing, but has gone home to Colorado to take care of her children and return to work. “I contact the cops daily and they say they still haven’t found any signs of my grandmother at all. They say Smoke Creek ranch is 10 miles from where (Weaver was located) and that’s the closest place for her to have traveled.” Cordova said the area was searched, but there was fire there about a month ago.

According to press release issued by Washoe County, hunters came across the women’s vehicle near Mixie Flat Road several miles east of Sage Hen Spring late on Tuesday, Nov. 10. The 2002 Toyota RAV4 had a flat tire, a raised hood and the word “help” was spelled out on the ground with items from inside the vehicle. Personnel training in the area arrived at the location and discovered a woman deceased in the passenger seat. Detectives dispatched to the scene said her death did not appear suspicious in nature.