Ban the criminal

The recent shooting in Sacramento, has Governor Gavin Newsom, President Joe Biden and others calling for more gun control and bans.

There already more than 300 gun laws on the law books, along with the laws against murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

At least two of the shooter/criminals, in this shooting appear to be ex-felons and had in possession stolen guns and committed murder and assaults with those deadly weapons.

So, here you have felons in possession of a firearm, which are apparently stolen, commit multiple murders and assaults, yet our politicians believe another gun law will stop this type of criminal activity.

Why don’t these politicians get it through their heads that criminals don’t obey any laws and will do this type of crime, because they get away with it and just get cared for in prisons, better than many are getting care in the free society ?

Let’s ban the criminal, instead of a tool and enforce a very swift and just capital punishment on them, when they murder another human.

How about letting them know that when they are caught, convicted in a court of law, that within five days they will be executed and pay the ultimate penalty for their crime/s?
Maybe, then, you would see a decrease in these types of crimes when they realize that they will pay with their own lives instead of being cared for in custody.

Bill Kauffman
Lake Forest