Evangelical Republicans guilty of economic attack also 

The former president’s evangelical Republican minions have distinguished themselves not only for soft-shoeing the attack on democracy on Jan. 6, but also turning a blind eye to the attack on the free enterprise system of this nation. Freedom of contract has always meant freedom to make honorable, reasonable agreements which respect the needs of all classes of people, especially the working poor.

But Republican evangelicals support a financial system which gloats over contracts for loans reaching 200 to 300 percent annual interest, all in the name of a Christian prosperity gospel. This is a level at which studies show consumers are unable to extricate themselves and become debt slaves. How Christian does that make evangelicals today?

Republicans also refuse to consider a progressive income tax structure of anywhere near the 50 to 70 percent top rate that wealthy Republicans for 100 years embraced as their responsibility to society. The maximum marginal tax rate of 37 percent today is all they can possibly be coaxed into.

Is this the economic gospel Jesus really wants?

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah