Gun Safety Request

May 29, 2022

To Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Dear Representative LaMalfa,

Please do something about gun safety now. Prayers for dead children and their families are not enough. Living in Susanville, Lassen County, as you can imagine, means that I know both friends and relatives who hunt. I am not opposed to either guns or hunting birds and animals for food. None of these sportsmen and women use assault weapons. All the hunters that I know are opposed to their sales as well as other weapons of war. I do not have the expertise to describe them. It is also time to close loopholes that allow guns to be sold to anyone without background checks.

The June 3 issue of The Week magazine asks on its cover, “Is America powerless to halt the endless heartbreak of mass shootings?” Of course we are not! We are gutless. Too many people who have the power do not have the guts to take a simple step. Is it your conviction that you and others like you are right when the vast majority of Americans want reasonable gun regulation? Or is it the money that accrues to your ilk from the NRA?

It is time for this madness to end. It is your responsibility to act as an elected representative to help that happen. Do it now.

Please respond.


Helen M. Leve