Keep up with social distancing, check in on at-risk neighbors

According to the 3:40 Friday, April 3 update from, 49 tests have been administered; 43 returning negative, and six are pending.

The Lassen COVID-19 Incident Command also provided an update on social distancing tips, as well as mentioning a new campaign from the governor to check on seniors in the community.

“The most important part of defending our community from the virus is preventing its spread. Each family should try to adapt all aspects of their lives to include the guidelines for social distancing, including trips to the store. It is recommended that each family limit the number of individuals going out in public in order to protect family members and the essential personnel working to keep the stores stocked. In an attempt to encourage social distancing, Susanville Supermarket IGA is offering curbside pickup and online ordering on their website,” read the statement from Incident Command, adding shoppers should not bring their own bags from home.

Moreover, Governor Gavin Newsom released a new campaign urging residents to “Stay Home. Save Lives. Check In.”

“This campaign urges all Californians to check in on the members of their community who are 65 years or older. Governor Newsom said, “The most important way for older Californians to stay safe is to stay at home. No older Californian should be forced to go outside to get groceries or their medication. It’s on all of us across the state to check in on the older adults in our lives – our friends, family and neighbors – to help them during this outbreak,” the local statement read.

For additional information and updates, check out and the LassenCares Facebook page.

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19, call the Lassen County COVID-19 call center at 251-8100. The line is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.