Lassen County remains at zero COVID-19 cases, residents asked to honor governor’s order

Lassen County remains at zero confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to a statement from the Lassen County Office of Emergency Services Friday, March 20.

Lassen County has submitted a total of 13 samples for testing. Six have been returned negative for COVID-19, seven are still outstanding. Lassen County to date has zero confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Additionally, the office requested residents honor Governor Newsom’s order to stay at home.

Guidance concerning essential personnel can be found here.

“In addition to precautions you may already be taking, we encourage that all citizens of Lassen County remain calm and do not act in a manner that might unnecessarily overwhelm the health care system. In case you suspect you are infected with COVID-19, a Call Center has been established to evaluate your concerns. You can reach the Call Center at 251-8100,” read the statement.

Lassen County will be issuing additional press releases to address the concerns of county residents.