Lawrence James Satica

Lawrence James Satica passed away Dec. 8, 2022. He was born in Reno, Nevada, in 1977. His parents, Hannah and Bob Satica raised him on their alfalfa ranch in Smith Valley, Nevada. Along with his brother, Drew, Lawrence had many wonderful years on the ranch. Lawrence enjoyed the outdoors, especially fishing which he learned from his father.

While growing up in Smith Valley, Lawrence attended Smith Valley Elementary, Middle and High School. Throughout his educational career, Lawrence was a good student. He also was a standout athlete and played many years of basketball and baseball. His love for basketball stayed with him for his entire life. After high school, Lawrence moved to Las Vegas where he shared an apartment with his brother. During this time Lawrence worked at several different jobs including the ground crew for Scenic Airlines. Lawrence put in long days, often starting around 4AM to get the flights ready for tourists. Scenic Airlines continues to fly aerial tours of the Grand Canyon today.

While in Las Vegas, Lawrence spent many evenings playing pickup basketball games at Sunset park south of McCarran airport. This was also a time of his life where he had a chance to reconnect with his brother and figure out what would be the next steps in his life. As it turned out, those next steps would be a move from Las Vegas to Susanville.

The Saticas have deep roots in the Susanville community and Lawrence used this time to connect with his relatives in the area. Lawrence briefly attended Lassen Community College and also worked at the Native American casino in the area. Ultimately, Lawrence would move to Reno, NV. Lawrence picked up work in the service industry as a bartender and also started on what would be a long career in automobile sales. The move to Reno also gave him a chance to spend some time with his father before Bob Satica passed in late 2001.

During his time in Reno, Lawrence was very successful as a car salesman and worked for many years at Reno Toyota. Lawrence was often recognized as salesman of the month. Lawrence’s outgoing personality and friendly manner served him well in this profession. He also used social media to reach out to potential customers and keep them engaged.

Lawrence met Cheyenne Conlin in 2000. The two married in 2005. Lawrence and Cheyenne had two children, Noah born in 2007 and Olivia born in 2010. Although the couple later divorced, Lawrence continued to take pride in being a great father to Noah and Olivia.

Lawrence continued to live and work in Reno for the rest of his life. He had a very outgoing personality and was often described by his friends as charming and funny. He was a guy that loved being in the middle of the action.

Lawrence’s mother, Hannah, passed away in 2019. Lawrence is survived by his son, Noah Domingo Satica, age 15, and daughter, Olivia Belle Satica, age 12. He will be greatly missed by both family and friends.