Let the people decide on park’s name change

What’s in a name? Believe it or not, the Susanville City Council ponders keeping the name Riverside Park or changing it back to Fruit Growers Park as it was supposedly known many years ago.

Quinton McCourt, the city’s program manager and councilmember Mendy Schuster are pushing for the name change. According to McCourt, many community members brought up the park’s former Fruit Growers Park name during public outreach sessions, and Schuster, who had the item placed on the council’s agenda, argues it’s simply a matter of honoring the city’s and the mill’s history.

But others argue the park has been called Riverside for so long many residents may be unaware of its previous name. One councilmember said he doesn’t care one way or the other, and city staff has promised to research the history of the park’s name and bring the results back to the council in the next few weeks.

The city recently has discussed changes to the park’s design and layout, so as that process moves forward, this may be a good time to reconsider the park’s name and the possible reasons for changing it.

The park has been named Riverside Park for many years, and returning to the Fruit Growers Park name certainly reflects the time when that mill employed many residents and the company reportedly donated the land for the park and the surrounding area to the city many years ago.

Those residents who have a preference should contact the councilmembers and let them know their opinion.

Let’s let the people make this call.