Let’s all welcome the new administration at Lassen College

Change has come to Lassen Community College, and it’s time for the community and college staff to support the new administration and give them a chance to show us where their vision can take us.

For nearly everyone in the community, the recent retirement of Dr. Marlon Hall, the college’s former president and superintendent probably came as a surprise. We all should pause for a moment to thank Hall for nearly a decade of leadership at the college, and we all should wish him and his family well as they move on into the future.

We also should remember while the role of the president/superintendent at the college is both important and vital to the institution’s operation, the Lassen Community College Board of Trustees, duly elected by the residents of the college district, actually determine the direction in which the college will move.

Under their direction, guidance and leadership, a new administration is forming at the college — one that plans to return the college to its previous glory days when it was one of the crown jewels of Lassen County. We wish them every success.

The recent multi-million budget shortfall the college faces surely will lead to a number of hard choices for both the trustees and the administration.

The new administration hopes an April visit and audit by the Fiscal Crisis Management and Assistance Team can help the college understand how it got in this position, how to rectify the college’s funding issues and exactly how to move into the future. Best wishes in your efforts to improve our community college.