Letter to the Editor – Bitter rant overpowers logic, civil conversation

In his My Turn opinion piece, Sam Williams’ logic is over-shadowed by the bitterness he demonstrates in the words he chooses to use.  It comes across as more of an angry rant than a effort to sway opinion.  He starts by saying ” … at the risk of aggravating all my Republican friends … ” and then goes on to use the following terms;  Thugs, Absurd, Cronies, Puppets, Indignant, Insurrection-bent, Thought-numbing-mind-worms, Preposterous, Rabid, Stinking, Rotten, Child-molesting, Child-eating, Cannibalistic, Baby-killing …

Is it any wonder that people on both sides of the issues are unable to carry on a civil conversation? We can’t demonize people we disagree with and then expect them to listen to anything we have to say. You can’t insult the many Trump supporters in Lassen County and then expect them to self-reflect on their political opinions.

Neal Baldwin