Letter to the Editor – Elizabeth Betancourt has the education and the experience we need

In 2019, Megan Dahle was elected to take her husband’s place in the State Assembly. After researching her qualifications (none), I assume she was elected because her name is Dahle. Now running for re-election, she lists work experience as farmer and previous co-owner of a nursery. Megan Dahle does not list her education on her website, and on justfacts.votesmart.org, education is listed as “no education information on file.” Very suspicious, and I can only hope she at least went to high school.

Now running against Megan Dahle is Elizabeth Betancourt. Betancourt graduated from U.C. Davis with a bachelor’s degree in science and resource management, and a master’s degree in forest and source-water management from Colorado State University.

Betancourt’s work experience includes: legislative/policy coordinator; Sierra Nevada Conservancy, program manager; California Urban Water Conservation Council; and watershed coordinator: El Dorado Irrigation District.

Bottom line: A person with education and experience in forest and source-water management is a perfect match for the needs of our district. That’s why Elizabeth Betancourt gets my vote!

Robbin Anderson

Portola, California