Men of our community

For the folks out there who still use the antiquated pronoun, man, I would like to share my opinion as to what I consider a man.

A man is someone who is confident in their skin and clothing.  A dignified sense of dress, appearance, decorum and leadership.  Yes, women still take notice.

The notion of wearing hoodies, T-shirts and sneakers are great if you are attending an athletic event.  The notion of political representatives, representing our county or city is not “cool” when they do not dress and act the part.  If I saw the captain of a commercial airline show up in Keds high tops, a ponytail and a T-shirt, and announce “dude, we will be departing, uh, I guess, when everyone starts behaving,” I would seriously question the situation.

The men of our county and city are expected to do their part, right down to their shoelaces. Honesty and clarity are critical to open, community dialog, not closed session chum gatherings. It’s easy to portray two different decisions, one within the chambers, and then suddenly spring another decision on the public as if we are all cattle waiting to be fed.

Taking advantage of your station is not manly, it’s cowardly.  Advertising your real estate business all over local dilapidated buildings is agreeing to whatever the “higher ups” or out-of-state owners willingly control.  The corruption that still plagues our nation will never stop unless honest, fearless men get involved.

I salute the men who view our safety and wellbeing of utmost importance.

The men of Susanville should build up not tear down Susanville with derogatory ideologies and media gullibility.  Caretaking is not about perfection, it’s about compassion. Men who cluster together and devise ways to sabotage other men are repugnant.

So, for those who feel I am a phobia driven female, please do not waste your time attempting to harass me.  As ancient as real time, a true man’s legacy will go down for the record knowing their legacy came from, yup, a God-given, intended place.

Jacqui Henry, Susanville, California