Message getting out loud and clear 

The message of America’s leaders to the people? It’s all good. Even when it’s very bad.

Our politics today is a pot stirred with sedition and seasoned with a pinch of treason. All good.

Industry and finance buy elections, advertise falsely, create monopolies, charge ruinous interest rates and manufacture abroad. Not a problem. Just business being business.

Sports and entertainment have replaced Sunday church and national patriotic holidays. Cool.

The military is getting used to the public spotlight. Who cares if they end up running the country. Fine with us.

Scientific research is cheating a lot. Only way to make a name. Good for them.

Higher education is embroiled in politics and lower education is devoted to entertainment. More fun that way for students.

Government is full of misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance. Who even knows what that means?

Crime pays. Justice sinks. Way it’s supposed to be, baby.

Kimball Shinkoskey 
Woods Cross, Utah