Nov. 8: The stupid party strikes out … again

The birth of modern Republican congressional majorities came in 1994, when Newt Gingrich and his “Contract with America” led the GOP to a gain in the House of Representatives of more than 50 seats, giving the party its first majority since the Eisenhower years in the 1950s. After 40 years of wandering in the desert, Republicans by the late 1980s and early 1990s began to think they would never control Congress, that only the Presidency – due to a supposed “lock” on the Electoral College (since erased by mass illegal immigration into states like California) – was attainable, as it was with Reagan and Bush in 1980, 1984 and 1988.

While the Gingrich majority could boast of some successes, such as forcing welfare reform and a few balanced budgets on the Clinton administration, Republicans failed to achieve any major trajectory change in America’s accelerating downfall into Roman Empire-style degeneracy and debasement. America’s embrace of the 1960’s sexual debauchery had become so entrenched by 1998 that Bill Clinton’s disgraceful abuse of a young intern in the Oval Office enabled his party to gain seats in Congress, rather than be wiped out as might have happened in a previous generation where traditional morality still reigned.

Republicans hung on until 2006, essentially accomplishing nothing for conservative policy objectives but rather ratifying globalist George W. Bush’s forever wars, enrichment of Communist China, empowerment of the national security state after 9/11 and expansion of the welfare state. Bush’s criminal war in Iraq sealed the Republican Party’s fate in 2006 and Nancy Pelosi took control of the gavel from GOP Speaker Denny Hastert whose main claim to fame was being a convicted felon and serial child rapist. It was probably at that point that the Republican Party itself should have committed hara-kiri and a new party established in its place.

By 2010, the outlines of a new populist-oriented party were emerging with the Tea Party movement which initially arose as a reaction to Bush’s $800 billion bailout of his Wall Street banker-masters who crashed the global economy in the fall of 2008. Millions of hard-working American taxpayers had difficulties with the idea of sending fat checks to Wall Street banking houses while they were getting evicted from their homes because they couldn’t pay the mortgage. That movement — which also rallied the public to oppose Obamacare– allowed the Republican Party to recapture control of the House that year with a jolting gain of 63 seats.

The Tea Party never became a separate political party. It stuck by the Republican Party, naively thinking that the wins of 2010 would lead to quick action in Congress to clip Obama’s wings, but under the leadership of the feckless Speaker John Boehner, the Tea Partiers were left jilted at the altar by the GOP. Obama was easily re-elected over RINO Mitt Romney two years later and any real chance of slamming on the brakes of America’s unrelenting decline and fall as a constitutional republic evaporated yet again.

An escalator ride in New York City in the summer of 2015 changed the course of American history, probably forever. In fact, many people today are probably at a loss to describe what America or American politics was like prior to the rise of Donald J. Trump, multi-billionaire extraordinaire, developer, and television star. With neither a political nor military background like every other American President, DJT’s rise to power was perhaps the unlikeliest in recent history. Having toyed with possible presidential candidacies for two decades, Trump – perhaps the greatest political pulse-reader in memory — saw that it was now or never to arrest and reverse America’s descent into darkness. At age 69, even he didn’t have that much time to take on such a task.

These are the facts, true and indisputable:

  • In 2016, Donald Trump achieved something no Republican had done in three decades: he punctured the so-called “Blue Wall” of the Rust Belt, winning Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania with a message on trade and immigration – not cutting Social Security and Medicare — which violated GOP orthodoxy but unlocked the votes of millions of working-class white voters, many of whom had never voted before. They were abandoned by an elite political ruling class that closed 50,000 of their factories and shipped five million jobs overseas, leaving them dependent on food stamps and hooked on opioids.
  • In 2018, when Trump was not on the ballot, millions of those voters failed to vote, leading to a loss of 40 seats in the House. Yet, two years later, with Trump on the ballot, Republicans gained 15 seats (inexplicable if the top of the ticket actually lost the election) and not a single GOP incumbent was defeated. And, in 2022, Trump again was not on the ballot and the Red Wave was barely a ripple.

There are those in the Republican establishment who wish to blame Donald Trump – who like Moses led them to the Promised Land in 2016 – for the non-existent Red Wave on Nov. 8. Yet, the facts outlined above prove the opposite. His presence, fighting spirit, and the fact that he speaks Truth to Power are what drive voters to the polls because the issues he raises are the issues that truly impact them at the kitchen table, in the schoolyard, and in the church parking lot.

They don’t want their Social Security checks cut off nor do they want another giant tax cut for the 1 percent. They want their jobs back, their borders secured and their cultural values enforced. Quite simply, the Republican Party of Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel do not stand for them. McConnell and his spouse are agents of the CCP, Kevin McCarthy has been a RINO since his days in the California Assembly and Ronna is a Romney. Enough said. Each of them should be purged from the Republican Party immediately. And, a GOP that re-elects McConnell as Republican leader or elevates McCarthy has speaker will have automatically repudiated the support of the Trump voter.

Trump voters are not Republican voters. Millions did not turn out on Nov. 8. The rural turnout was way down. Yes, there was election fraud and cheating, especially in the so-called swing states which the Democrats always target with ballot harvesting and drop-boxes. However, it’s too easy to say simply that the election was “stolen.” Donald Trump did not insult and ridicule and cut off funding from our Senate candidates like Masters and Bolduc. China Mitch did that. Donald Trump’s endorsed-candidates still won more than 90 percent of their contests.

In the final analysis, Nov. 8 is a result of the Stupid Party – trying desperately to detach itself from Donald Trump – blowing it again. And, they will keep blowing it until they detach themselves from the campaign contributions of Wall Street, the Business Roundtable, the defense contractors, and Big Pharma. And, if the GOP candidate in 2024 is getting his funding from that crowd, you know the jig is up. As the saying goes, follow the money …