Public Hearing Lassen Co. Planning Commission





Project Proponent: Lassen County

File No.: 700.02.02

Project: As required by Government Code Section 65302(g), the Lassen County Department of Planning and Building Services has prepared a draft update of the Lassen County Safety Element. The Safety Element of the Lassen County General Plan was adopted in 1974 through Resolution No. 2552, as Exhibit “B.” The title of Exhibit “B” is the “Safety and Seismic Safety Element.” The current Hazard Mitigation Plan was incorporated by reference into the element on June 16, 2020, but the element itself has not been updated since 1974. The Lassen County Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors on the draft Safety Element update and proposed Negative Declaration, prepared in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

Location: Lassen County, California (Countywide)

Staff Contact: Nancy McAllister, Associate Planner

As the advisory body to the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider the draft Safety Element update and proposed Negative Declaration at 1:25 p.m. on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, in the Board Chambers, 707 Nevada Street, Susanville, California. Following the Planning Commission’s hearing, the Board of Supervisors will consider adoption of the proposed draft Safety Element and Negative Declaration at a public hearing conducted on a separate date. Notice of said hearing will be published in the Modoc Record at least 10 days in advance. All interested persons are invited to attend the meeting and be heard, or to submit comments to the Department of Planning and Building Services at the address given above.

The proposed draft Safety Element will be available for review at the Lassen County Department of Planning and Building Services, 707 Nevada Street, Suite 5, Susanville, California, as well as online at prior to the March 7, 2023 meeting date.

For the County of Lassen,

Maurice L. Anderson,

Secretary to the Planning Commission