Rand Paul vows to take Fauci to task for mishandling the COVID pandemic

In an opinion article published by Fox News earlier this year, Senator Rand Paul wrote: “Anthony Fauci’s fundamental decision to ignore natural immunity has led to a cascade of bad decisions, the effects of which have seeped into all of our lives. Ignoring the immunity that comes naturally with infection caused Fauci to underestimate the combined immunity in our country from vaccination and previous infection, leading him to advocate forced vaccination on everyone including those at very low risk, such as children and previously infected individuals.”

Paul spoke on this issue again in a recent interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on her Better For America podcast. He said that Fauci should admit to the public what the protective effect of immunity is.

“It’s never really been controversial,” Paul said. “It’s been accepted. It’s part of immunology 101. Every doctor knows this, every nurse knows this and most of the general public knows this: that when you’ve had an infection, you develop immunity. It may not be perfect. You may be still able to get the virus again. But you’ve seen the virus. So, you have a memory, you have an immune response that will challenge the virus if you get it again. In fact, if we check the blood of every American or let’s say a thousand random Americans, we [would find] that 99 percent of America now has immunity either from the vaccine or from the disease or from both. And what’s good about this is the virus they called the novel Coronavirus is no longer novel. It’s not new. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all developed immunity. And so, we have a degree of defense … There still are a few people dying from this, but they’re the vulnerable. So, we need to target our resources to the vulnerable.”

Paul told Rebecca that he is determined to continue digging deep into the mismanagement of the COVID response by Fauci. There are a lot of facts to prove, he said. For example, there is a need to verify whether the virus was man-made and leaked from a lab in China.

Fauci has long denied it. But Forbes magazine, in an article published a year ago, wrote that in April of 2020, he rebuffed “then-President Donald Trump, [and downplayed] the possibility of a lab leak, saying the virus’ ‘mutations’ are ‘totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human.’” The article went on to note that in May of 2021, Fauci got “into a heated back and forth” with Paul “during Senate testimony over unsubstantiated allegations about a link between a Wuhan, China lab and the National Institutes of Health, before the disease expert tells Paul he’s ‘fully in favor of any further investigation of what went on in China.’”

In his Better For America podcast interview, Paul claimed that when Republicans recover the Senate in the midterm elections, “we’re going to investigate these things … We will use [our] subpoena power because at every turn, Dr. Fauci has resisted transparency.”

“For example,” he said, “we asked Dr. Fauci, is anybody on the vaccine committees receiving royalties from the companies that make the vaccines? And his response was, we’re not going to tell you. So, a federal judge then mandated through the Freedom of Information Act that they reveal it, and they did and they redacted it all. They whited it all out. The only information we got was actually disturbing, but incomplete. It was that 1,800 scientists at the NIH received $193 million. But they won’t tell us which scientists, they won’t tell us how much each scientist got, or the company they got it from. And so, I think it’s an honest and very important question. Is anybody on the vaccine committee getting money from people who make the vaccines? Whether it’s the county board, your church board or your state board, you’re always required to divulge where you get your money from so you wouldn’t have a conflict of interest. And yet, Dr. Fauci says we don’t have to tell you. And then he cites a law from 1980 saying, ‘we don’t have to tell you, but I can promise you … we’re going to use [our] subpoena power to get every scrap of paper.’”

“The thing is this virus, which I absolutely believe came from a lab, could happen again and it could be a much worse virus in the end, as bad as this virus was,” Paul said. “I don’t want to downplay it, but the death rate was about 0.3 percent overall. What if it was 50 percent? What if we lost half of [our] civilization because we took a really deadly virus and we made it aerosolized or more transmissible, more contagious? Why would we be wanting to do that? And so there needs to be more oversight, more regulation of this kind of research. The taxpayers are paying for it. I don’t think we should be paying for something that’s this dangerous.”

Looking towards a hopeful future, Paul reminds us to protect our freedoms and resist the allure of what the government claims to offer us for our votes.

“When we go to the polls…vote for people who understand what made our country great and will keep our country great,” Paul said.