Sometimes we have to take a break and recharge

When we’re in school, breaks are mandatory.

School administrators choose them for us and the dates are on the calendars for all of us to plan for and expect. After education, though, breaks may be hard to come by, or simply pushed back further and further away.

Currently, as this editorial is being written, the Lassen County Times’ Managing Editor Sam Williams is taking a week off — something the hardworking Williams rarely does.

While the trip he is taking is to spend time with family down south, the staff believes the break from writing editorials, spending countless hours in meetings and fielding question after question is duly earned.

While the thought of taking a break is sometimes hard to do, it is good for the mental health of many adults and increased work productivity later on.

According to a study from the U.S. Travel Association listed in 2014 Forbes article, more than 40 percent of American workers did not take all of their allotted time off the year before. The average worker left 3.2 paid time off days unused. While some workers may balk at those who leave paid vacation unused, the act, as proven, is very common.

Taking personal days may make one think they are not working hard enough or they think they’ll come across less dedicated to their jobs. But, according to the Forbes article, it increases the production of employees and loyalty to the employer.

However, there are some who do not get paid time off from their current jobs, but indulging in a little self-love is important in all cases.

Breaks do not have to be weeklong trips nor do they have to be to extravagant destinations. Breaks should be relaxing and should offer the worker or the whole family a chance to unwind and regroup.

As the weather continues to get warmer, take advantage of little breaks through local destinations. Take a hike in Susanville Ranch Park and watch spring unfold in the meadows and hills or binge that show on Netflix you’ve been dying to watch. You can always take a weekend trip to some place you’ve always wanted to go.

When the snow melts, visit Lassen Volcanic National Park, go fishing at Eagle Lake or connect with nature when camping. Or even, head to a coffee shop with a book and relax. If your ideal break is time alone, plan a great stay-at-home itinerary and indulge yourself in whatever you want to do.

Spring break for many local schools is going on right now, and many youth are taking advantage of the week to play, take a break from homework and connect with family. While not all people have the opportunity to take days off from work, all should be encouraged to take a little time for themselves and disconnect from work in order to rejuvenate, relax and recharge whether it’s on the weekend or when they get home.

We missed Sam Williams this week in the office and will be glad to have him back, but his week away from press releases and computers is well deserved.

One thought on “Sometimes we have to take a break and recharge

  • My best friend who was a Orthopedic surgeon called me a while back and told me he had to share something with me- the he told me he had retired after years as a surgeon and the first morning he woke up after retiring was shocking to him- HE REALIZED HE DIDN’T HAVE TO PERFORM SURGERY ANY MORE- and was absolutely amazed at the relief he felt because of that. Then he explained to me he had no idea how much pressure he had been under all these years until it was over. He told me he wanted to share it with me as I, as being a criminal defense lawyer, was probably under the same sort of pressure and I thought about it and realized he was right. So, dedicating your life to caring for others is a great responsibility isn’t it? I still do it and will continue to do so as long as I can but some day——-

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