The governor’s wheels have fallen off the wagon!

Newsom’s mess gets larger and larger every day.  Nearly one million people have fled the “golden” state in three years and the number keeps growing.  With lawyers, regulators, policy makers and “radical” eco-terrorists in charge, we are constantly being mandated every single step of the way.  That my friends is straight Marxism!

California has gone from a $100 billion dollar surplus to a $25 billion deficit.  Tech people and companies are leaving the now “brass” state which is driven by a decline in taxes.

Out of work and out of food, this pathetic scenario continues.  Immigrants, entering states like California are flat out being deceived about their future.  It leads to poverty, pollution and diseases.  What kind of jobs are non-tech individuals going to wait in line for.  Flipping burgers at $22 dollars an hour?

Newsom’s legacy continues to carry over from his destructive days as San Fransisco mayor.  Four more years of free food, free lodging and free legal counsel, the release of convicted felons off death row sends the message of deliberate destruction for California.  The governor’s wheels have fallen off the wagon!

Personally, he is the wrong business of politics.  I recommend he return to his private businesses and talk smack to his employees instead of his constituents.

The kisses of an enemy are like an iceberg, only 1/10 visible.  What he is doing behind the scene becomes “self'” evident every time he speaks.

“California leads and we do so by following our moral compass staying true to our values,” Newsom said.

And that is why our tax money is insufficiently paying for Harm Reduction centers, a safe place to do drugs. Newsom’s mess is responsible for mental health and drug addiction.  With attempted recalls on his rap sheet, he still manages to stay in office while he continues to erode our once beautiful state.

Next there is the “do as you please” freedom diatribe, and any term abortion campaign, in which he spent more than $2million on ads urging voters to vote for Prop 1, that enshrines abortion, “that is a deep point of pride,” Newsom said.

Add to his list AB 2098 which puts a muzzle on doctors providing lifesaving information to their patients, hormone blockers, chemical castration sex reassignment surgery/SRS.  Take time to research the side effects these kids will endure sooner than later.

I believe he and others are targeting white youth and their vulnerability, of which too many options continue to indoctrinate their immature minds.

Then there are the homeless sleeping in shelters and an estimated 7.1 million living in poverty, 56 percent of paychecks devoured by rising rent with overcrowded and unsafe housing.  It’s happening now, his decision to reject $1 billion in homeless funding November 2022, while collecting from powerful interest groups, developers, environmental groups and the California building industry, keep him in office.

Finally what about all the water our state was endowed with recently?  I am sure Gavin’s water grab and “wasteful water brokers” will find a way to send it back to the ocean and dry up dependent agricultural reservoirs.

Here is some wisdom for the governor and folks to regard. If you see oppression of the poor and violent perversion of justice and righteousness in a province, marvel not at the matter because high official watches over high official, and higher officials over them.  Oppression on every rung of the government ladder, and we are all subject to a higher power.