Time for the Courageous 20 to declare victory in Speaker fight 

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising a landmark agreement in the House Speaker election that fights fiscal insanity and constitutional abuses in Washington, D.C.

“The House rules agreed to by Kevin McCarthy will empower conservatives in the House to fight for limited government principles and fiscal sanity. The agreement to put a ‘Church-like Committee’ in the Judiciary Committee under Jim Jordan will help unravel the abuse of power by federal government intelligence agencies giving hope to the American people that these rabid dogs will be caged and shackled for a generation. America stands at a precipice where our spending threatens our economic future and the wholesale attacks on the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments by the FBI and others threaten our personal liberties.

“Our nation owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Representatives Chip Roy, Paul Gosar, Scott Perry, Byron Donalds, Josh Brecheen, Michael Cloud, Andrew Clyde, Anna Paulina Luna, Mary Miller, Ralph Norman, Andy Ogles, Dan Bishop, Andy Harris and Keith Self for fighting to end autocratic rule in the House of Representatives.

“I urge Representatives Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, Eli Crane, Matt Rosendale, Bob Good and Matt Gaetz to find a way forward to allow these hard-fought wins to go into effect. The courage of all 20 of those who stood firm on the principle of restoring the House to its place as the People’s House and not just a rubber stamp for whatever the Senate decides is awe inspiring. It’s time to declare victory and begin the fight for liberty against those would cede it to the administrative state.”